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Story of Ishinoya

this is a magnificent garden with 6612m2 that The stone is the symbol here. There are 22 guest rooms, which are all separated from each other and desin by style of Sukiya-zukuri, round the special space created by the different stones from all over the country.

The store sells own-brand products and other products such as Izu’s specialties.Here you can relax with coffee and read your favorite book.

Notice about the Sukiya-zukuri style

Because this is a Sukiya-zukuri style hotel and has a history of 50 years.
In order to retain the original style, the original materials were used as much as possible during the renovation, so the room may be affected by the upper floors or bugs have entered the room. This is also a kind of fun by Sukiya-zukuri style. Thank you for your understanding.